साइनस का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine For Sinus | Sinusitis Treatment | Stuffy Nose | Blocked Nose

साइनस का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine For Sinus | Sinusitis Treatment | Stuffy Nose | Blocked Nose

In this Video Dr. Ritu Jain talks about sinusitis treatment and about homeopathic medicine for Sinusitis,Stuffy Nose & Blocked Nose.

Sinusitis is an inflammation or swelling of the tissue lining the sinuses.Healthy sinuses contains air but when they get blocked and filled with fluid, it causes infection.

Some common reasons are common cold,swelling of the lining of nose,small growth in the linings of nose.

How to cure Sinus using homeopathy medicine, is something we continuously work upon.Homeopathic medicine for stuffy nose are also subscribed.Sinus infection can be completely cured using homeopathy.

Dr Ritu Jain offers best “sinus ka ilaj” and best sinus homeopathic medicine and treatment.
For best results and best medicine for sinus infection watch the complete video.
This disease is also known by different names as below.

1. Cold
2.Cough and Sneezing
3. Sinus infection
4. Headache with facial pains

Homeopathic medicine for Sinusitis are given below.
1. Allium cepa 30,
2. Arsnicum album 30 ,
3. Ammonium carb 200
4. Kali Bichrome

Some people call Kali Bichrome as the best medicine for sinus infection.

We strongly recommend that you do not take Medicine yourself. Although homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects, we highly recommend you to contact your nearest medical adviser before taking any medication.

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