11 Strengthening Exercises | (कमर दर्द) | Muscle weakness reason- 2 for BACK PAIN (PART -2)

11 Strengthening Exercises | (कमर दर्द) | Muscle weakness reason- 2 for BACK PAIN (PART -2)

About the Video – Subsequent to the previous video, Muscle Weakness -Reason 2 for Back Pain and 6 Effective Muscle Strengthening Exercises.
Dr.Priyanka illustrates 11 more strengthening exercises at Progressive level . These exercises are to be performed once you complete the exercises mentioned in the 1st video.
These exercises are helpful to build back muscle strength in any of the following cases.

#Mechanical Low back Pain
#Acute lumbago (Lumbar Spasm)
#Lumbar Spondylosis
#Lumbar PIVD
#B/L or Unilateral SI Joint Dysfunction
#Piriformis Syndrome
#Coccydynia (Tail Bone Pain)
#Any type of operative procedure in Back/abdomen/pelvis
#Any type of fracture in Back/pelvis bone or joint then post immobilization.
#Diastesis Recti
#Abdominal Hernia
#Inguinal Hernia
#Pelvic floor muscle weakness
#Different type of bladder disfunction
#Any type of abdominal operative procedure then post immobilization eg. Laparotomy, hysterectomy etc.
#Lifestyle diseases eg. Long sitting/Standing/driving profession
#Sedentary lifestyle/labours job profile/heighted & obese people
#Excessive and Wrong pattern of any type of physical workout eg. Yoga, Gym, Dance, #Recreational activity, any type of sports without experts guidance
#Neglected Neck, Upper Back Pain
#Back pain originated from systemic diseases eg. AS, RA, Parkinson’s, SPOT’s Spine etc
#pinched nerve
#muscle pain
#stiff neck
#bulging disc
#arm pain
#degenerative disc disease
#neck muscle pain
#cervical neck pain
#neck strain
#shoulder pain relief
#herniated disc treatment
#lower back pain relief
#pain in back of head
#spinal stenosis
#Lumbar scoliosis
#Lumbar Spondylolysis
#Lumbar Spondylolisthesis
#Ankylosing spondylitis
#Spinal arthritis
#Lower cross syndrome
#Back spasm
#Pelvic floor dysfunction
#Post Pregnancy back pain
#Protuberant abdomen
#Stiff back
#Lumbar degenerative disc disease
#Facet joint disease
#Posture and alignment
#Piriformis syndrome
#kamar dard ka upachar
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