3 Minute Ab Workout After Pregnancy – Kristin Mcgee

3 Minute Ab Workout After Pregnancy – Kristin Mcgee

Want to get your abs back in shape after pregnancy? Then watch out this video to get that back into shape with these 3-minute ab workout by Kristin Mcgee.

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Video Transcript
Hi. I’m Kristin McGee. I’m going to show you a yoga abdominal workout. I just had a baby a month ago, so I’ve definitely been working on this to try and get my abs back in shape, especially those transverse abdominals, those deepest core muscles.

You start out nice and tall. You really want to lift up out of your lower back. Take your hands under your knees and float your toes up in line with your knees. This is boat pose. This is a modified boat. Hands forward. Really keep that neck long, spine long, abs tight. You can hug your knees in, sit nice and tall. You can repeat that modified boat or if you’re ready to move on, extend your legs to the full boat. Again, try and lengthen out of your lower back. Keep your shoulder down. Keep hollowing out the lower abs like an ice cream scoop. Hug your knees in, sit nice and tall. One more boat. Extend the legs up. Really hollow out those abs. If you want to lift the arms into the ceiling you can. Then were going to lower down to a canoe. You hollow out the abs, you lower halfway down and then you come back up to a boat. Lower down. Scoop out the abs, lift up to boat. One more time. Lower down. Stay here, catch one knee, elbows out nice and wide, and then switch, and then switch. These nice little single legs switching back and forth. Great for the hip flexers, lower abs. We’ll do eight of these in each leg. After that you can give yourself a little break for a second.

Lower down and then wrap your legs, so you want to wrap one thigh over the other thigh nice and high. Try to double cross at the ankle. If that doesn’t work just jeep the toes out to the sides. Then you wrap your arms the same way. Like Eagle arms. Then you do little crunches up and down, little Eagle crunches. Then you want to switch legs. Wrap the opposite leg on top, wrap the opposite arm under. Eight more. Make sure you exhale when you pull up. Two more. Now take your arms out to the sides, extend your legs up and drop both sides over to one side. Before they touch, lift them center, over to the other side. Lift up. These are tick tocks. Reach all the way over and up. If this is too challenging for you, you can always do bent knees. We’re going to do two more on each side. If you need to bend the knees you can. Over and lift. Then one last time. Over and lift, over and lift.

Start to lower the legs out. Out, out, out, almost like they’re going to hover, and then lift them back up. Two more times. Out, out, out and up. One more time. Last thing. Out, out, out, now hold here. Scoop out the abs and hover the legs. Let the legs go and turn your palms up and just give yourself a rest.

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