5 Best Workouts at Every Moment You Should Try (#2 and #3 Combined)

5 Best Workouts at Every Moment You Should Try (#2 and #3 Combined)

If you are looking for effective fitness results, here are the 5 best workouts at every moment you should try.

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Hey. What’s up? I’m Jay Kali, an online personal trainer and fitness expert with kalicoaching.com. Today I’m happy to collaborate with ConsumerHealthDigest.com to bring you this awesome, 5 best workout you can do at any moment you want. Here are workout 2 and 3 you must try.

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This video is a part of joint collaboration between Jay Kali and Consumer Health Digest.

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Number two, a common mistake that I normally see most women come in and do is they’ll use weight that’s actually too light to elicit a change in their body. They come in, they do the same exercises, with the same weight over and over again, and they’re not getting any results. What you can do is think about strength training with heavier weights, right? Change your weight up. Add a little bit more weight for you. You’re going to see a difference in your body. I guarantee it. The high rep and low weight has become really popular over the years, but it’s really not going to elicit the changes that you want to see in your body, like adding a little bit more weight to it. You don’t have to go super heavy. Just add a little bit more and build yourself up. I’m telling you. You’re going to see your body get tighter, toner and lift those problem areas. Guaranteed.

At number three. This is one of my favorite ways to train women is using various exercises in a super set, right? The reason I like this one so much is you’re able to get more work done in less amount of time. Depending on the exercises that you choose, you can actually work your entire body by mixing it up by using a lower body exercise and an upper body exercise. For example, doing the Romanian dead lift with the barbells, going over it and doing an overhead press with a dumbbell. You see how we’re using two different exercises and putting them back to back. Then we’re going to be working on our whole entire body all in that one super set. After that second exercise, be sure you take an adequate amount of rest, about 90 to 120 seconds. Then repeat for as many sets as you’re doing. Try this one out. I know you’re going to love this one.


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