5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Test for Inflammation – Dr. J Q & A!

5 Ways to Reduce Inflammation and Test for Inflammation – Dr. J Q & A!

5 Ways to reduce inflammation and test for inflammation – Dr. J Live Q & A!

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Inflammation is our body’s natural response to injury and infections. This occurs when white blood cells are released into the bloodstream and directed into the affected tissues to prevent foreign substances from causing more harm. However, chronic inflammation is a health issue where the white blood cells attack the healthy tissues, causing more harm than good. In this video, Dr. Justin Marchegiani covers the root causes of inflammation, the effective ways of detecting it, and the ways you can naturally fix inflammation in your body. Learn more about the most effective ways to reduce chronic inflammation through action-oriented methods. Moreover, Dr. J goes over how inflammation breaks down your body causing more pain, fatigue, and inability to recover as you age. Find out the different things that can be done to treat this issue, from taking supplements and eating the right foods to improving your overall lifestyle. If you suffer from inflammation, watch this video to know more.


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