9 Science Based Strategies to Help You With the Mental Game of Fasting

9 Science Based Strategies to Help You With the Mental Game of Fasting

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01:46 What happens to the Brain when you fast
03:34 What is Dopamine-Resistant
04:27 Causes of Dopamine-Resistant
05:57 What happens when your Dopamine Receptor site shut down
06:31 Fasting open the Dopamine receptor sites
07:09 Resensitize dopamine receptors sites
07:46 Identify how you’re getting dopamine rush
09:07 Starting a new activity improves the dopamine receptivity
10:05 24 hr Fasting increase the dopamine receptor sites
10:42 Exercise helps with the dopamine recalibration
11:30 1 hr Yoga increases D2 receptor sites
12:06 Lack of sleep will destroy dopamine receptor sites
12:39 There’s a 64% in dopamine production and dopamine receptor sites
13:09 Sunlight exposure opens dopamine receptor sites
13:47 There are certain supplements that will help you produce more dopamine and open the receptor sites

9 Strategies to Resensitize Dopamine Receptors Sites

1. Identify What You’re Binging On
2. Learn New Information
3. Food Restriction
4. Cardio and Circuit Training
5. Yoga
6. Sleep
7. Meditate
8. Sunlight
9. Supplements


2. add in a novel new activities

3.Food restriction increases number of D2 receptor sites




7. Sunlight



Supplements I mention in video:




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