Arthritis (गठिया) में क्‍या खायें और क्‍या न खायें Diet chart for arthritis patients in hindi

Arthritis (गठिया) में क्‍या खायें और क्‍या न खायें  Diet chart for arthritis patients in hindi

kya aako reh reh kar jodo or ghutno me rehta hai dard to ho sakta hai arthritis. Aaaj ke iss video me HealthDear laye hai jankari :
– arthritis kya hai
– Aarthritis (गठिया ) hone ke karan
– गठिया (Arthritis) ke lakshan
– Arthritis me kya foods khaney chaiye
– Arthritis (गठिया ) me kin foods se parhej karna chaiye


Do you feel pain in joints, knees and ankles every now and then, if yes then thier are chances that you are suffering with arthritis. In todays videos HealthDear has brought for you information on:
What is Arthritis?
Reasons why a person gets arthritis
Symptoms of Arthritis
Which foods you should eat when suffering from Arthritis
Foods to avoid in arthritis

This video is in hindi Language

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diet chart for arthritis patients in hindi
Kyo hota hai arthritis

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