Back and arm exercise mistakes + Best exercise for back pain // Best exercise for arms

Back and arm exercise mistakes + Best exercise for back pain // Best exercise for arms

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Today you’ll learn one big common exercise mistake I see people making all the time: choosing the wrong exercises.

For one… you may be targeting the wrong area of your body with the exercises you’re doing. Or… you could be causing damage to your joints if you select exercises that are too difficult for you. For example … one common myth is that if you want to strengthen your lower back, you should do back exercises. But the truth is… strengthening your lower back can actually make your posture worse and can often even cause back pain. So… I’ll show you which back exercises to avoid, and which core exercises to try.

Now… another way people choose the wrong exercises is when it comes to using gym equipment. You see… machines like the bench press and leg extensions are culprits for causing rotator cuff issues, bad posture and knee pain. Free weights can also be pretty harmful to your body if you don’t have good form or choose the right exercises. So… I’ll also show you a helpful arm exercise you can do without any equipment.

And… as always… check in with your personal care provider before starting a new exercise routine.

The two exercises I’ll teach you to do with perfect form in this video are:
Leg Raises (best exercise for back pain)
Table Tops (best exercise for arms)

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