Basic YOGA Flow to STAY in SHAPE

Basic YOGA Flow to STAY in SHAPE

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This is Yoga Basics for anyone wanting to keep fit “on-the-go”.

Considering we both are certified yoga teachers, we try to incorporate the many aspects of yoga into our day to day life as much as we can, especially whilst travelling and on the road. This not only keeps us physically fit but also helps us in better decision making and becoming more aware of our actions.

We are trying something new with “Fitness On The Go”. We know how important it is to stay fit and healthy and hence we have decided to share our fitness journey with you.

We travel the world a lot and yoga is something we practice every morning because this is something you can take anywhere. It gives us direction, helps us focus and overall, makes our body and mind feel great.

This flow is called Surya Namaskar which translates to ‘Sun Salutation’ in English. It is full-body flow and one of the main benefits is that it strengthens and energies you for the day. It also helps in the following:

≈ Promotes weight loss

≈ Activates the basic metabolic rate of a persons body

≈ Reduces strained joints problems. Lubricates sore muscles and joints and promotes their healthy functioning. Highly beneficial in managing arthritis, sciatica, other joint-related ailments etc.

≈ Improves flexibility of the body and releases stiffness

≈ Is a famous remedy for managing menstrual cramps and, also helpful in managing menopause stage. Due to its empowering effects on the uterus of a woman, Surya Namaskar Yoga also helps in making childbirth comparatively easier.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know in the comments below. We will be uploading more fitness related videos, so stay tuned.



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