Best Treatment for Lupus | Lupus Health Shop | Lupus Life Hacks®

Best Treatment for Lupus | Lupus Health Shop | Lupus Life Hacks®

Which will you choose to decrease your lupus pain like me??! Let me know.

For mild & moderate Lupus. If you have kidney involvement, I don’t recommend these suggestions.
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take your meds even if you feel they aren’t working

CBD facts: 2:09

Low-dose Naltrexone- Safer Rx than anything we take currently: 4:02
only 3 minor side effects that can be avoided!

We all have vitamin deficiencies(if you’re a low normal, it’s not normal)

Poll: do you think you have deficiencies?

Sparkle Collagen peptides:5:48

Pycnogenol, lowers inflammatory markers, decreasing lupus symptoms and gives you energy: 6:02

Vitamin and mineral deficiences 6:48

Vitamin D3, not D2 – balances immune system, reduces bone and joint pain

Methylated B complex, decreases brain fog and gives energy: 8:18

Food triggers of Lupus-like symptoms

Gluten now compared to 50 years ago – it’s not the same
and our body knows: 8:24

Dairy and flare-ups: 9:09

Lupus Life Hacks to dietary changes: 9:45

Takeaway message:
If you’re sick of not living the life you want
make a few changes like me and you’ll decrease symptoms
of lupus!


Best supplements that can decrease Lupus symptoms

Sparkle Collagen Peptides(anti-aging & joint stiffness relief):


Vitamin D3:

Methylated B complex:

CBD: Nuleaf naturals or Floyd of Leadville (currently we don’t carry these)

What is Lupus:

Manage symptoms without crazy side effects:

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Thanks so much for watching!

xoxo Janeen


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