Brain Fog, Fatigue, Female Hormone Issues & Bloating GONE

Brain Fog, Fatigue, Female Hormone Issues & Bloating GONE

The cost of care, especially in the realm of functional medicine, can be an unknown for a suffering layperson. It may feel to weary patients like their only option is to sign away thousands of dollars. Julie’s story shows that this does not need to be the case. After her general practitioner was not able to treat her myriad symptoms—including brain fog, fatigue, female hormone issues, bloating, and loose stools—Julie turned to functional medicine. The first functional medicine doctor she turned to quoted her an unreasonably expensive and lengthy package. Fortunately, she looked for a second opinion and found that our clinic, and Dr. Ruscio, a functional medicine expert in gut health, was able to get to the root of her issues quickly and cost-effectively. She was symptom-free within five visits. Read the full transcript at:

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