Can Fasting Help Heal Joint Pain Naturally? Does Fasting Reduce Inflammation and Promote Repair?

Can Fasting Help Heal Joint Pain Naturally? Does Fasting Reduce Inflammation and Promote Repair?

Fasting is an ancient practice that has been performed for thousands of years for health, purification, and spiritual development.

Now, we have amazing science around its powers.

Fasting can have major impacts on Chronic Pain, inflammation, and joint pain.

Here are backed by science facts on fasting and how it can help:

Fasting has very powerful and positive effects on blood sugar and insulin sensitivity. This is always critical when we look at healing joint pain, inflammation, and any type of chronic pain.

One study in 10 people with type 2 diabetes showed that short-term intermittent fasting significantly decreased blood sugar levels

intermittent fasting and alternate-day fasting were as powerful as lowering calorie intake at reducing insulin resistance

This is critical because in order to balance inflammation we need to keep insulin efficient and blood sugar levels balanced in healthy ranges.

Inflammation is strongly linked to degenerative diseases, auto-immunity, and pain.

Intermittent fasting lowers inflammation and we can see this by looking at intermittent fasting during a religious holiday. Cytokines, TNF, and Interleukins all decreased with intermittent fasting.

Ven just fasting 12 hours a day for one month showed similar results with decreases in cytokines, TNF, and C Reactive decreased. This same study showed an improvememnt in the Total Cholesterol/HDL ratio.

Clearly IF and F lowers inflammation, even when done conservatively with 12 hour breaks in eating.

One study looked at how calorie restriction benfited MS and autoimmunity!

Dr. Valter Longo has showed amazing promise and research with fasting in inflammation and the treatment of cancer. It is a major component of his longevity formula.

In a study with 4629 people associated fasting with a lower risk of coronary artery disease, as well as a significantly lower risk of diabetes.

When we look at healing chronic pain, inflammation and any joint pain its always important to help people find their ideal weight and lose excess viscewwral fat. This is critical because visceral fat is an inflammatory producing tissue that rapidly increases our risks of pain, inflammation, and degenerative diseases.

Intermittent fasting is very powerfdul to lose body fat and lower weight in a healthy way.

Fasting (24 hour) and calorie restriction (24+ hour) are equally as good when used as a tool to lose weight and reduce body fat composition.

Fasting also promotes the release of growth hormone which is critical for repair, muscle growth, blood sugar balance and reversing the effects of aging and stress. In one study we see a 5 fold increase in Growth Hormone Naturally. Fasting balances blood sugar through the day and thus positively impacts growth hormone.

It makes sense then that Fasting can improve longevity and promote quality of life changes.

Fasting does indeed help with Chronic Pain. In this study we see that it does: Keep in mind there was no control in this group.

Fasting also boosts mood in patients with chronic pain problems.

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