Cheryl is now in control of how she feels with the Menopause and Shiatsu

Cheryl is now in control of how she feels with the Menopause and Shiatsu

Cheryl had hot flushes continually throughout the day, and awful night sweats, she was stressed with work and had a lot of knee and hip pain.

We got the flushes under control firstly, as her main concern then with each treatment looked at a different aspect of her health. As well as receiving this nourishing and relaxing therapy each time I allow the space for us to talk, find some lifestyle changes, talk about diet and little changes/ quick wins and with muscular issues examine what maybe going on in her life that exacerbates joint pains.

The out come is I received a card from Cheryl ‘thanking me for listening and improving her life’! This is why I do what I do , to help people over come health issues and start to feel great again.

I use the theory of Chinese Medicine (like Acupuncture) and a gentle physical therapy called Shiatsu, fully clothed which leaves you feeling relaxed and starts rebalancing your body, to make you feel more energised, less achy and leave with a calm clear head

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I’m Andrea and I’m based in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. You can always call for a chat about how I can help you on 07899 987227. I also do Skype Consultations if you’re unable to attend for a physical treatment.


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