Dheergha Upavasa Dheeksha(45 days)-Joint Pains ,Pain Relief

Dheergha  Upavasa Dheeksha(45 days)-Joint Pains ,Pain Relief

Now a days many employees having back and neck pains because of sitting 8 hours without moving . Many people because of computer work or document writing getting nerve compression in neck area. They are feeling radiating pain into hand and fingers. In naturopathy we won’t give any medicine for managing disease or reduce pains. We will remove root cause of your problem with proper food and yoga training. Because of this training problem never reoccur. Vertigo, disc prolapse, lower back pain, sciatica, back pain and nerve stiffness all will reduce pain in one camp. We have experienced doctors and yoga therapists with their co-ordination you will get best yoga therapy. If you can’t come to yoga hall you will get this therapy in your room itself until you do it yourself. Local steam, Hot or cold compression, water aerobics, free physiotherapy morning and evening we will get here. You will get best physiotherapy manipulation, acupressure and acupuncture from special technicians. While fasting you will reduce weight and detoxification also will happen. You can get many birds in one shot like BP, Diabetes, cholesterol, fatty liver will also reduce. Kindly give your body one chance to cure itself naturally before treating it by surgery. We are charging only 750 rupees per person per day. For all the treatments, diets, physiotherapy, massages all under one roof.


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