DIY Upper Extremity Lymphedema Exercises for Swollen Arms, Hands and Fingers

DIY Upper Extremity Lymphedema Exercises for Swollen Arms, Hands and Fingers

In Honor of World Lymphedema Day – I made this video for all of my viewers who suffer from Lymphedema or swelling in their arms and upper extremities. My hope is that these DIY exercises for upper extremity lymphedema and swelling of the upper body, face, arms, back, breast, hands and fingers will greatly impact your swelling in a positive way.

These DIY Lymphedema Exercises are at home exercises I recommend for all my Lymphedema Patients in between our in office Lymphatic Drainage Therapy sessions and lymphedema management therapy.

Part 1: Lymph System Opening – upper abdomen
1.Diaphragmatic Breathing (3-5mins)
2. Shoulder Blade Pulls (3-5 mins)
3. Armpit Rotation (3-5 mins)

PART 2: Self Lymphatic Drainage Exercises For the Arm
*Begin with a relaxed but engaged straight back/spine

1.Shoulder Pumps
2. Elbow Pumps
3. Puppet Wrist Pumps (up, down, side to side)
4. Hand Open & Close
5. Finger Wiggles

These are some of the wraps I recommend for individuals with lymphedema of the arm and swelling in the arm:

Arm Compression Wear:
Jarrow Trim To Fit:
Jobst Bella Arm Wrap:
Solaris Arm:
Ready Wrap Hand Gauntlet:

Juzo Glove:

Arm Pump:

Post Surgical Arm Sleeve (breast, lipo)

Post Mastectomy Arm Sleeve (lymphedema prevention)

Lymph Stim Homeopathic Remedy to help with swelling reduction:

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I work individually with folks to create custom, tailored plans that address daily lymphedema management, exercises, nutrition, supplementation and at home care to prevent cases from escalating to different phases and impairing overall health and wellness.

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