Does Ketosis Damage the Kidneys?

Does Ketosis Damage the Kidneys?

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Dr. Berg talks about the ketogenic diet and your kidneys. What harms the kidneys more than anything is having high sugar and high insulin. The ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet, which will lower insulin and blood sugar, so the Ketogenic diet is healthy for your kidneys. The ketogenic diet is not a high protein diet, it is a moderate protein diet, so this is also a common confusion that people will say if they are not looking at all the data. If you then add intermittent fasting, you increase autophagy, which is the recycling of the body’s damaged cell parts, another great thing for the kidneys.


Hi guys I had another question about will the ketosis harm the kidneys. When I hear that I just want to withhold the laughter because take a look at something, if you have high insulin, high blood sugar, you are diabetic or prediabetic, there are four areas of your body that get destroyed. Number 1, the kidneys. High insulin and high sugar target the kidneys as the area of destruction, it will also destroy the brain and nerves, arteries and the retina in the eye. So what does the ketosis diet do? It lowers insulin, lowers blood sugars, anything that lowers insulin and blood sugars is going to help the kidney and the type of the ketogenic diet that I recommend which is a healthy version and is consuming a lot of greens which will give you the potassium that protects the kidney. If the kidney is in a stage 4 or in an end stage renal failure, it lost the control and your potassium could go high in which case you don’t want to add any potassium. But we are not talking about that situation, that is a rare situation. We are talking about all the conditions that occur before that, and you need potassium and vegetables to actually help the kidneys. Below the mark of the ketogenic diet is a low carb diet. Low carb reduce insulin, reduce blood sugars. The ketogenic diet is not a high protein diet. The atkins is. But the ketogenic diet is a moderate protein diet, it will not harm your kidneys. If we add intermittent fasting on the top of that, that will help the kidneys even more. The combination is really powerful to heal the kidneys, not damage them. Thanks for watching!

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