Don't Ignore These Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Don't Ignore These Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease

Don’t Ignore These Early Symptoms of Kidney Disease
People often ignore the warning signs of Kidney Disease, until the problem becomes severe. It is important to be aware of these signs as addressing the problem early can save you from future complications.

If you have multiple signs and symptoms of Kidney Disease, ask your doctor to check your health levels and get the best treatment for Kidney Disease. Here are the early warning signs of Kidney Disease.

01:02 1, Changes in Urinary Function.
02:05 2, Swelling in the Body.
03:09 3, Severe Fatigue and Weakness.
04:07 4, Dizziness.
05:06 5, Unexplained Back Pain.
06:03 6, Skin Breakouts and Itching.
07:02 7, Ammonia Breath.
08:01 8, Nausea or Vomiting.
09:08 9, Feeling Cold Most of the Time.
10:01 10, Shortness of Breath.

The first symptom of kidney disease is a change in your urinary function. The change may be in the amount and frequency of the urine you pass.
It’s the kidneys’ job to remove waste and extra liquid from the body. When this does not happen, the extra fluid and water buildup causes swelling. This can be in the hands, feet, ankle joints, face and under the eyes.
You may also notice dimpling of the skin after being pressed for a few seconds.

When the kidneys do not function properly, there is a high chance of feeling fatigued most of the time. You may feel tired, exhausted or generally lack energy without any known reason. Two common causes of these symptoms are anemia and accumulation of waste products in the body.
Healthy kidneys make a hormone called erythropoietin that aids production of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Damaged kidney make less of this hormone, eventually leading to a decreased red blood cell count.

If kidney disease causes anemia, you may suffer from frequent dizziness, which is a feeling of light-headedness, unsteadiness or loss of balance. This happens because anemia can prevent your brain from getting enough oxygen.
It can further cause memory problems, trouble concentrating and difficulty sleeping.
If you are suffering from sudden dizziness and poor concentration, take it seriously and get a medical checkup.

Unexplained aches and pains in the back as well as sides of your abdomen can be symptoms of undiagnosed kidney disease or kidney infections. When kidneys do not function properly, you may experience pain, stiffness and fluid in the joints.

Another effect of poor kidney functioning is an imbalance of calcium and phosphorus in the blood, which can lead to excessive itching.
If your otherwise healthy skin suddenly shows signs of breakouts, rashes and intense itching, see your doctor.

Kidney disease can also cause a metallic taste in the mouth or ammonia breath. This happens because poor kidney functioning leads to an increase in the level of urea in the blood. Urea is broken down to ammonia in the saliva, thus causing urine-like bad breath known as ammonia breath.
It can also cause an undesirable metallic taste in the mouth, which can make food taste different.

Nausea, vomiting and poor appetite are very common gastrointestinal symptoms among people suffering from kidney disease. Nausea and vomiting most often occur when you get up in the morning.
As the kidneys are not able to filter harmful toxins out of the blood, it leads to an accumulation of excessive urea nitrogen in the blood stream. This stimulates the gastrointestinal mucosa and causes nausea and vomiting.

Well, If you experience any of the following 5 Common Signs of Kidney Disease that I mentioned above, you should not ignore it.
It’s important to tell your health care provider to have them checked by your doctor.
So that the cause can be found and treated, if needed.
Being proactive can lead to earlier treatment and a better outlook.

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Early Detection Could Save Your Life Longer.

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