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Electro Homeopathy Medicines | Research Products | Golden Medicines | Medicines | SVPSO Org India

#ElectroHomeopathy/ ELECTRO HOMEO PATHY Research Medicines-EH & Alternative #MedicalSystem (Plants & Flowers- Electricity medcns) -Original quality plants Medicines, of CPCM & SEM-Method )-Golden Medicines of Svpso int NON PROFIT ORG,TS,Swach Bharat/Golden #India.


*1.SV-1: Happy Leaf Plus – For Blood Pressure/BP/Hyper tension.
*2.No Tense Plus – For BP effects, Anxiety, tensions,fear due to tension, insomnia etc.Use SV1&2 fr Bp.
*3.SV-3: Kool Plus- For emotion ,high anger, anger effects.
*4.SV-4: Madhu Fire Plus – For Diabetis/Sugar problem.
*5.SV-5: Diabo Sag Plus – For Diabetis effects, neuro,retino,Excess urine, numbness,thristy,dry mouth effects etc.Use SV 4&5 fr sugar problem.
*6.SV-6: Strentho Care Plus – Sexual weakness & nervous weakness problem.Use SV 6& 23.
*7.SV-7: Agni Care Plus – For Gastritis, Acidity, ulcer, constipation.

*8.SV-8: Wak Wel Plus – For Knee pain,waist, disc,sciatica, shoulder,neck or any general/common pain.Use SV 8 &23.
*9.Fev Ais Plus – For common fever,body heat etc.
*10.SV-10: Fev Mid Plus- For Dry mouth fever,mid day period fever,excess urine, thristy,viral fever etc.
*11.SV-11: Fev Shiv Plus – For Shivering fever,continuous fevers,fever with head ache.
*12.SV: Top Bam Plus – For Common head ache
*13.Skino Care Plus – For Skin disease, white,LD,Psoriasis,black stains, pigments etc.
*14.SV-14: Stop Flow Plus- For Motions-to stop motions.

*15.SV-15: Stam Pen Plus – For Stomach pain,worms in stomach etc.
*16.SV-16: Eet Wel Plus – For Mouth disease,pain,lips cut,throat pain.
*17.SV-17: Cold Care Plus- For cold,nose running,nose block,breath difficulty.
*18.SV-18: Caf Cure Plus – Dry cough,wet cough & common cough etc.
*19.SV-19: Visen Care Plus- For eye disease,watery eyes,redness,pain ,eye sight problem.
*20.SV-20: Erpen care Plus – For Ear pain, swelling.
*21.SV:Grindo care Plus – For teeth pain,gum problem.

*22.SV-22: Grindo Care Plus – Heart diseaes, tireness,pain,obstructions,blocks in heart.
*23.SV-23: Fit care plus- For anaemia, calcium,anorexia & weakness etc.
*24.SV-24: Vomi Care Plus – Fr vomitings.
*25.SV – 25: Pure Care Plus – For Blood disorder,blood black colour,smell & infection.
*26.SV-26:Hot Burn Care Plus- For sun stroke ,heat & burns.
*27.SV-27: Hydro Care Plus – Body & face swelling,odema/dropsy.
*28.SV-28:Astho Caf cure Plus – For Asthma,asthma cough effects.

*29.SV-29:Fat Clear Plus – For obesity / weight reduction.
*30.SV-30:Cholo Clear Plus – For cholestrol, fat reduction.
*31.SV-31: Pin Pilo Plus- For piles,fissures & fistula.
*32.SV-32- Mig Ache Plus – For migraine, migraine head ache effects.
*SV-33: Happy hair Plus – For hair growth, dandruff clear etc.
*EC-1: BME- Brain & Mental Disz Electricity-medcn fr brain disorder Prob…….etc 400 medcns avlbl !

**SV Research Golden Medicines Price:-
No consulting fee,only Research medcn charge :-
*For common /genrl, each disz Rs 300 -350/-(1 mon-medc), Gas,ulcer, Asthma etc Rs 400/-, Heart, kidney etc Rs500- 600/-,Sexual power Rs 600-750/-(1mon medcn).
*(2)*For Drs,EH centers:- In dil Rs120/-(Sngl grp elec medc), Rs450-650/- (genl- each 15 ml Q fr 40 Pts), Rs900/-(BP, Diab), 1200/-(Sexual weak).
Note:- Fr serious,very Chronic Diszs contact Sr.EH Experts/Drs/Prof/Sci.fr life save & cure !

*(3). (B).SV Org, DOCTORS #COURSE MEDICINES & treatment- Prices:-

No Consulting free,only medcn charge & research medcns cost – Rs 500/- fr 1stg/catg disz,1000 for 2nd & 3rd stg Diszs,& Rs 1600- 2000/- etc fr 4th stage,complex, serious problems,depending on medcns& materials etc necessary& use.

*1.Hop plant group electricity medcn/LM3,Jasmine yellow flower electricity medcn,Bane plant electricity medcns/LM3, 12-15-26, 36-60 medcns pack available, kit & Single grp elec medcns, Golden kits,60 medcns-each 30 ml qty pack available-Rs120/-(for 80 pts)!
*The Svpso int org is using 350/700 #plants,83/500 #flowers(using 83 flowers out of 500 flowers),13+7salts with acu puncture, Electro puncture,min Gruha vasthu principles,1st aid srgry skills,other skills & yoga meditation.

Happy hair plus oil)hair oil/Rs300/- fr 100ml qty),EH Joint pain oil/Wak wel plus oil Rs 300/-),EH Dressing Powder (Rs300/-fr 100gm).Creams,drops ointments,oils-retail etc all avialable(each qty 5ml/gm to 15ml to 30 ml-Rs 50 to 100/-).

* (6).(E).Special Electricity Medcns,Mass Doses Medcns & General Electricity Medcns :-

*ORG BANK A/C: contact, ph. 9985278981, 9052645022(what’s app).

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