Erfan Halgheh (Interuniversalism) Faradarmani and Psymentology dokumentary

Erfan Halgheh (Interuniversalism) Faradarmani and Psymentology dokumentary


Fardarmani is a branch of alternative medicine with a completely spiritual essence and a subdivision of Erfan kehyani (halghe). In this branch of therapy, the patient is connected to interuniversal consciousness (network of information and consciousness governing existence, the Holy Ghost) and while giving reports on sensations felt in the connection such as warmth, coldness, pain, stinging, pulsation, convulsion, etc. the defected and stressed organs are detected and the treatment process starts with removing these symptoms.

The name “faradarmani” (holistic healing) is chosen for this branch as it derives from a theory called interuniversalism (faraa kol negari) in which man is looked upon as vast and limitless as the universe not just a pile of skin, flesh and bone.
Jahan ensan shod o ensan jahani (world became man and man became the world) Az in pakizetar nabvad kalaami (no other definition can be so precise)
In this theory, man is considered a complex of physical ,emotional ,mental and a variety of other bodies, different energy transformers (chakras), limited and blocked energy channels (channels spoken of in acupuncture), different polarity energy fields, bioplasma field, cellular consciousness, molecular frequency and endless other undiscovered parts.

In this spiritual therapy, to cure man his entire being is taken in to account and every and each part is connected to interuniversal consciousness simultaneously which enables the network’s consciousness and discretion to carry out the essential with faradarmaani and start treatment of different parts by removing their disorders.

Therefore, from this point of view all kind of illness can be treated by establishing a connection to interuniversal consciousness and faradarmanaghar (practitioner of fardarmaani) can not regard any kind of illness untreatable, since for the interuniversal consciousness all kind of correction and disorder removal of the body are simply possible.

It should be mentioned that interuniversal consciousness is the totality of intelligence, wisdom or information governing the universe also called “consciousness” and is one of 3 elements of the universe. Considering that consciousness is not matter nor energy, thus dimensions of time and space do not apply to it and treatment can be made by this network from a short or large distance. It also lacks quantity and is not measurable and as previously mentioned only the signs appearing on the patient’s body, reveal the effected points. In this regard faradarmanghar (practitioner of fardarmaani) can not relate any of its powers to himself.

3 elements forming the universe are: matter, energy and consciousness.

The important issue in this spiritual therapy is that contrary to many other methods, treatment is not done by the practitioner but through connection to the interuniversal consciousness and the practitioner only plays role of a means to form a link called Vahdat (oneness) or Habl-el-laah (cord of Allah) which is an extremely intelligent link.
Saadi describes this link as: Selseleye mooye doost, halgheye dame ballast (link of God entraps everyone) Har ke dar in halgh nist kharej az in majaraast(those not part of this link remain completely unaware)

What is Psymentology?

Psymentology is a branch of faradarmaani (Holistic healing) founded on interuniversalism. It relates to mental-bodily disorders with mental cause, emotional disorders with mental or emotional cause and physical illnesses which result in mental and emotional disorders.


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