**HEARING & VERTIGO** fixed by THAYER METHOD – Part 2/2

**HEARING & VERTIGO** fixed by THAYER METHOD – Part 2/2

**HEARING & VERTIGO** fixed by THAYER METHOD – Part 2/2

Austin has been suffering forever from severe shoulder blade pain and terrible CARPAL TUNNEL. He’s gone to Physical Therapy and The Joint for treatment and had little help. He has other symptoms including: 10 years TINNITUS, 10 years HEARING loss, VERTIGO, NAUSEA, and HEADACHES. Watch this 1 week intensive program over 2 Parts that shows not only his carpal tunnel dramatically improving but 10 years of healing loss amazingly return. Please let us know what you think in the comment section.

Part 1
Part 2

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First Adjustment 04:56
Second Adjustment 05:05
3rd Day Results 01:14
Third Adjustment 08:45
Fourth Adjustment 09:12
5th Day Results 05:48
“Balance Focus Neck Adjustments”

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