Hip Joint Pain Helper~Alt Isochronic Tones~Babbling Brook Sounds~Quick Fix

Hip Joint Pain Helper~Alt Isochronic Tones~Babbling Brook Sounds~Quick Fix

No Headphones Needed!
What is Brainwave Entrainment?

If you’re suffering from any kind of “serious” medical condition, brain disorder like epilepsy, have a pacemaker, seizures or are pregnant you should not use or listen to any type of monaural, binaural, or isochronic tones. Do not operate heavy equipment or operate a car, or perform any act requiring concentration when listening to tones. Always consult a medical professional about usage and any questions you might have.. Alternative healthcare is not always the way to go, for some illnesses you really need professional healthcare.
NOTE: This video and audio *is not* a substitute for Medical Treatment by a Physician. Always seek Medical Advice from your Doctor or healthcare professional.

432 Hz ➤ Base Frequency
2.5 Hz ➤ Used for pain relief, relaxation
20 Hz ➤ Commonly used “cure-all” Rife Frequency for fatigue,
and energize. Causes distress during labor.
787 Hz ➤ Commonly used “cure-all” Rife frequency
807 Hz ➤ Used on hip pain
880 Hz ➤ Commonly used “cure-all” Rife frequency

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An anatomical illustration from the 1909 American edition of Sobotta’s Atlas and Text-book of Human Anatomy with English terminology

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