How to Balance Your Hormones-overview with an endocrine specialist

How to Balance Your Hormones-overview with an endocrine specialist

In this webinar, you will receive answers to the many questions that are crucial to your understanding of your body and getting into hormonal balance.

For 2 decades as a Holistic Nutrition and Integrative health practitioner, Caroline has supported hundreds of women live vibrant lives. One of the predominant questions that women working with her would ask was how to transition gracefully through perimenopause and menopause.

Like a typical modern woman, burning both ends of the candle, she was experiencing some of the typical hormonal imbalance symptoms: sleeplessness, night sweats, massive hair loss, no libido and very little energy.

As a result, she spent the better part of the last 10 years traveling and working with top researchers observing and studying centenarians, people that live over 100 years of age and exist with abundant vitality.

Throughout her research she discovered why unlike the modern woman who violently enters menopause, the typical centenarian woman eased gently into this beautiful phase of her life.

Caroline brings this wealth of experience helping busy women find their hormonal balance so they can get back to their vibrant sexy selves.

Are you a committed and ready to Free Yourself of ~ Anxiety . Depression . Low Self Esteem . Migraines. PMS . Hot Flashes . Sleeplessness . Forgetfulness . Low Libdlo. Low Vitality . Weight Gain . Joint Pain . Hair Loss

• Are you a woman struggling with hormonal imbalance issues?

• Are you committed to taking charge of your health?

• Are you open to new ideas and conversations?

• Ready to go through this transition gracefully?
Book your FREE 30 minute Hormone Mapping Consultation (space is limited)

We will discover where you are, where you want to be and what it will take to get you there. You will walk away with a personalized action plan customized to your needs you can implement right away.

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After this webinar, you should feel more empowered and confident about your body’s needs to be in a balanced state.

Here are some key points from the presentation.

. Female anatomy emphasizing all the organs that play an important role in hormone balance including the gut
• Overview of hormones in our bodies
• The connection between Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Adrenal Axis to our hormone balance
• Role of Adrenals to hormones (tying in to importance of rest, movement and sleep)
• Importance of each organ and what role they play
• 2 secret weapon(s) that are on top of Dr. Cage’s and my intervention and remedies that we recommend for balancing hormones.
• How different it is when the body generates hormones vs replacing it using Hormone Replacement Therapies even bio-identical kind. Why there tends to be either an overshoot or an undershoot in any sort of Hormone Replacement Therapy including bio-identical kind. And why it is hard to get that exact level balanced.
• Role of gut to hormones, the importance of diet
• How many bowel movements to have
• Role of sex organs to hormones.
• Role of thyroid system to hormones

• The first lines of defense for balancing your hormones

• What minerals and nutrients your body needs.
• How about those who have gone through partial or full hysterectomy. They think they are doomed. Little do they know that other organs in the body produce hormones. Is that enough to balance their hormones naturally? Is it possible without hormone therapy? When does bio identical hormone therapy work?
• How the liver controls your hormones?
• Cost of Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
• My story with bio-Identical hormones. Find out how the wrong kind of lab almost cost me my life.


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