How to Get Up Off The Ground Without Your Hands

How to Get Up Off The Ground Without Your Hands – Don’t be a motor moron. Learn how to use your body for the most basic skills that everybody should have. In this video I discuss getting up off the ground without using your hands. Find more at the site.

The fact you are watching this video proves that you aren’t just an average person. Not everyone wants to learn how to do a one hand stand or some crazy acrobatic movement. However, all of us should be able to perform some basic moves. It’s unfortunate that many cannot, even those who are in a very good shape.

So, in this video I talk about moves that everyone should be able to perform. No excuses! I’ll even say that if you cannot do these simple things, you don’t deserve the amazing machine that your body is. Here is the list of those moves:

– Walking
– Running
– Sprinting
– Jumping
– Getting up from the ground without your hands
– Squat and stay in that position
– Roll in every direction (8 of them)

If you seriously can’t do these simple moves, you definitely need to work on them. These are the basic moves that every human should be capable of. To make things a bit more difficult (but still, everyone should be able to do these as well), we can add following moves:

– Swimming
– Push ups
– Chin ups
– Headstands
– Gymnastic & Wrestlers Bridge
– Moving each joint separately

This is what I consider to be the most basic list of moves that everyone should be able to perform. Can you do all of these without much effort?

For more information on handstands, acrobatics and bodyweight training check out these great books on Amazon:

• Bodyweight Exercises teaches you a foundation and how to build strength from it in bodyweight training for the whole body –
• The Ultimate Guide to Handstand Pushups for building strength with this great exercise from your first rep to banging out full range handstand pushups –
• Hand Balancing Made Easy for a step-by-step beginner’s and intermediate guide to handstand skills –

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