I’m 5 months pregnant with a swollen pelvic area. What can I do?

I’m 5 months pregnant with a swollen pelvic area. What can I do?

You mentioned that you’re 5 months pregnant and having issues with swelling down in your pelvic area. It would be best to bring this up with your OB provider and talk to them about it. They may want to examine the area, and they’ll ask you more specific questions about the pain and discomfort you’re feeling, and they can make a diagnosis and decide what’s causing it, and based on that, what the best treatment would be.

But generally speaking, in pregnancy it’s normal for the labia to enlarge, and it’s normal to experience some swelling down there, and that’s just part of all the changes that happen during pregnancy, but if it’s painful that’s a different story, and that’s when it’s time to talk to the doctor. Sometimes prolonged standing can contribute to it, so if it starts to get worse, sit down if you can. And you mentioned that wearing pants sometimes makes it worse, and so wear loose-fitting clothes, skirts, those sorts of things to help alleviate pain and pressure. And again, talk to your doctor. I think that would be best in your situation.

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