Inflammation & an Anti-inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle to Treat Disease

Inflammation & an Anti-inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle to Treat Disease

Inflammation & Using An Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Lifestyle to Treat Disease | What exactly is inflammation? How can I reduce it? Should I try to reduce it? All this and more is answered in this video where I explain what inflammation is, the types of inflammation – acute and chronic inflammation, how it can lead to a range of health conditions like autoimmune diseases and excess weight gain. If inflammatory foods are taking a toll on your body this video will show you how to use an anti-inflammatory diet and lifestyle to reduce inflammation and help you treat disease.

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Signs of inflammation cartoon. This cartoon was commissioned by D.A.W and drawn by P.Cull for the Medical Illustration Department at St Bartholomew’s Medical College. The arm above the word pain in the cartoon show part of the fifth and final part of inflammation – loss of function!

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