Kari On How Provitalize Helped Her Manage Inflammation-Type And Hormonal-Type Symptoms

Kari On How Provitalize Helped Her Manage Inflammation-Type And Hormonal-Type Symptoms

Kari shares about how she used to experience inflammation-type pain, stiffness in joints, brain fog, fatigue, and hormonal-type symptoms. After taking Provitalize, she feels more energetic, even waking up before the alarm clock rings. She also doesn’t feel as stiff or sore as she used to before.



Introducing Provitalize – Thermogenic probiotics that help women ease menopausal symptoms like hot flashes, weight gain, cravings, gas, low energy levels & bloating.

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The Better Body Company is a collective mind of nutritionists, health experts and naturopaths who have been struggling to find supplements that actually work.

Our mission is to re-think the way the supplement industry works and start with the gut (fundamental root cause) before tackling other symptomatic issues.

Through this journey, we’ve helped over 50,000 people lose weight, improve gut health and regain mental clarity and focus in their daily lives.

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Due to its potent anti-inflammatory effects, Provitalize should not be taken with NSAIDs, blood-thinners and Cox2-inhibitors. If you are on medication or suffer from medical conditions, please consult your doctor before consuming Provitalize or any of our supplements.


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