Knee treatment with olive oil: for injured knees or arthritis knee pain

Knee treatment with olive oil: for injured knees or arthritis knee pain

Today I am going to share with you simple way you could treat your knee, in case you’ve got an ligament injury, tendón tear or even meniscus tear.
This home treatment is also good as a pain remedy for those who suffer from arthritis.

Recently I’ve come across old homemade treatment for knee injuries which helped me quickly to restore my right knee.
I love sports.
I am practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and two weeks ago I got serios injury during the training .
It was an collateral ligament injury.
I thought it is over.

I had a great pain and my knee was not stable enougth to support the weight of my body.
This treatment is very simple it is just a circular massage on knee with olive oil.
After 3 weeks doing this massage I got back a a strong knee without pain.

I would like to tell you Little bit more about Extra Virgen Olive Oil.
What Olive Oil will do for your knee?
1) Firstly it has great anti-inflamatory power. This means it will diminish the knee pain quick. The component in charge with this is called Oleocanthal.
2) Secondly : Olive Oil will stimulate your blood circulation. What do we need from your knee? We want to restore our knee function. So for this reason it is in our interest to stimulate the blood circulation. This will restore quicker your knee ligaments, tendons and meniscus.
3) The third reason why olive oil is so good for your knee : Olive oil is very old remedy for a lot of injuries. It was used in ancient times by the old civilizations around mediterranian sea.
Also Olive tree was blessed, according to the Bible, by Jesus Christ (Our Lord).
For this reason everything which comes from Olive Tree can be used for some health problem.

Right now I am going to do a massage on my right knee with olive oil to show you exactly what you have to do.
I do recommend you to do this kind of massage 2 or 3 times per day for quicker results.

So this is it.
Hope this video will help to restore your knee functions. Stay healthy and don’t forget to subscribe.
Good buy.

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