Leg Pain During Pregnancy – Georgina Tay, Singapore Podiatrist

Leg Pain During Pregnancy – Georgina Tay, Singapore Podiatrist

Leg Pain During Pregnancy – Georgina Tay, Singapore Podiatrist

During pregnancy, the body undergoes a number of changes. Coupled with weight gain, these changes can be painful, debilitating or simply stressful for you and your legs. Addressing these issues early ensures you are more comfortable during your pregnancy.

There are some common but often overlooked lower limb issues that any mother-to-be needs to know:

Some people may notice symptoms earlier, but typically it is from the fifth month when you might notice swelling, varicose veins and a form of restless leg syndrome. These are related to the increase in body weight and gravity amplifying the effect of internal body fluid moving downwards and can be quite uncomfortable.

As the body prepares itself for child birth, the hormone relaxin softens and widens certain ligaments of the body, often leading to hypermobility and poor balance, It can take up to 1 year post-birth for hormones to return to normal levels. During this time, many women might find that their foot arches lower and bunions develop. Keep in mind that once developed, these are permanent foot deformities; they do not revert back to normal even after pregnancy. Pain in the neck, lower back, and knees are common. Pain may also occur in the ankles and feet, specifically around the posterior tibial tendon and plantar fascia.

Nail changes such as onycholysis and ingrown toenails can occur. Mothers who breastfeed their child often prefer to avoid antibiotics or other types of medication, so the best way to treat ingrown toenails is to prevent them from developing in the first place. The key is to support the hypermobile foot and to ensure minimal pressure on the toes.

Most clinicians will avoid performing any sort of invasive procedures on a woman in the first trimester of her pregnancy. This is due to the risks associated with foetal deficiencies or miscarriage. Bottom line, don’t get caught with a painful inflamed toenail during the pregnancy period.

Ultimately, with proper planning and care, common lower limb problems associated with pregnancy can be easily managed or reduced.

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