menopause|योनी कंडू ,योनी खाज घरगुती उपाय | vaginal itching and dryness

menopause|योनी कंडू ,योनी खाज घरगुती उपाय | vaginal itching and dryness

I am Dr Anagha kulkarni. Ayurvedic cosultant, dietitian and nutritionist. working in this field from 30 years.
this video is about
dry vagina,vaginal itching,pruritus ,leucorrhoea and pruritus,
योनी कंडू ,योनी खाज घरगुती उपाय ,vaginal itching and dryness
menopause,menopausal syndrome,
eat healthy stay healthy. be happy make happy
how to remain happy and healthy at home. how to maintain happy and healthy life at home with home remedies
this channel happy and healthy life at home is to create awareness about health and to improve qwality of life among common people.
information produced in this channel are my experiences and my views.
this channel gives you information about health care tips,
motivational talks to make your life happy and healthy,
basic cooking tips for beginners and learners.
(no personal counselling and consulting).
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health novel….is my hindi language channel..for non marathi people. i always try to add new information to it about health awareness
herbal remedy is my channel in gives you information about herbs , diet and home remedy
thanks all

Dr Anagha Kulkarni
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