Part 1 – Severe Disc Degeneration (L5-S1) w/ Probable Pelvic Joint Instability

Part 1 – Severe Disc Degeneration (L5-S1) w/ Probable Pelvic Joint Instability

Debra, a 43 year old woman has been using a cane and walked slowly due to pain. She was seen at a sacroiliac joint clinic in Atlanta and a physical therapist and orthopedic surgeon suggested she get both sacroiliac joints fused. she is very bright and did a lot of research and she felt that there were other options. She lives in Canada and came to Las Vegas for a consultation at the Hesch Institute. The Hesch Institute believes that the severe disc degeneration she has at L5-S1 MUST be fully acknowledged and it appears that does have pelvic joint instability. However, she was unable to make any substantial gains with exercise and a sacroiliac joint support caused more pain. Proper application of a pubic joint support made a distinct difference and she was able to walk without the cane showing greater stability. Even greater gains were made when a lumbopelvic support was applied. It appears that Cecelia may make additional gains with conservative care and it readily apparent that she has much better muscle control and recruitment when ALL THREE PELVIC JOINT AND LUMBAR JOINT AT L5 is given external support.
Dr. Jerry Hesch, MHS, PT, DPT lives in Aurora Colorado and additional information can be found at


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