Pelvic Dysfunction aka Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Dysfunction aka Pelvic Pain

Pelvic Dysfunction aka Pelvic Pain can be caused by:
1. Pathology (e.g. degenerative changes such as arthritis)
2. Trauma (e.g. car accident, fall, sports injury)
3. Abnormal Posture (such as slouching)
4. Occupational Activities (e.g. prolong sitting)
5. Overweight or Obese
6. Pregnancy
7. Hernia
8. Bladder infections or UTI (urinary tract infection)
9. STD
10. Constipation
11. Weak pelvic floor muscles
12. Ovulation

Chiropractic care is a form of health that helps to restore and/or maintain your health through spinal adjustments.

• The goals of chiropractic care are:
• To place your body in the best position so that it can heal naturally.
• To remove interference to the nervous system by removing irritating inflammation.
• To break-up adhesive scar tissue.
• To restore normal biomechanics to the spinal joints.

Doctors of Chiropractic can:
• Perform spinal adjustments
• Demonstrate rehab exercises and stretches
• Educate you on injury prevention, posture, sleep positions, etc.

Self-Care for Pelvic Dysfunction aka Pelvic Pain:
1. Rest and Ice – for first 72 hours post-injury to control inflammation and swelling; and to prevent worsening of symptoms; and further damage of injured structures.
2. At day 4, introduce movement to the area by moving your pelvic – such as performing a pelvic tilt/tuck exercises.
3. Use heat after day 3 and/or only after the inflammation and swelling has gone down. You can alternate between using ice and heat for 15 minutes, intermittently, as often as you need it.
4. If you are not better within 5 days, GET HELP!!! Call your local chiropractor.

****If your pelvic pain is not muscle or joint related– go see your medical doctor, it could be an infection, etc.****

Health Tips:
1. Be a smart patient.
2. Educate yourself.
3. Do you research.
4. Ask questions.
5. Be open to doing things differently, especially if you are not getting the results you want.
6. Seek care sooner rather than later.

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