Post baby exercises – neck, shoulders, hips and back pain relief (EASE TENSION MUMS + MOMS))

Post baby exercises – neck, shoulders, hips and back pain relief (EASE TENSION MUMS + MOMS))

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This 10 minute post baby exercises sequence of stretches are designed to help you get rid of tension, tightness and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, hips and back. These are common ‘mummy and mommy’ areas of pain. Easy to fit into a busy day.

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*About Vicky*

Vicky Warr is pregnancy and postnatal fitness instructor, entrepreneur and creator of Bump and Beyond by Vicky Warr, the online postnatal health and fitness programs. Vicky has helped thousands of women improve their health, fitness in motherhood of through helping them achieve their strength and weight-loss goals. She focuses on making exercise fun and realistic post pregnancy and the results are evident.

With a wide range of free workout videos available, Vicky’s channel focuses on post pregnancy ab exercises, butt & thigh exercises, arm exercises, post pregnancy cardio routines, post baby fat burning workouts, low impact thigh intensity interval training workouts (HIIT), stretching and flexibility routines and so much more!

NOTE: Not all exercises are suitable for everyone, so be sure to get your doctor’s clearance before trying this or any other workout, but especially if you suffer from diastasis recti, or abdominal separation, as you may require specific training and/or an evaluation from an expert.


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