Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Female Voice

Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Female Voice

Before you listen to this audio material, please read the following information carefully

Progressive Muscular Relaxation (PMR) is useful for relaxing your body when your muscles are tense, perhaps as a result of stress. This relaxation involves tensing up a group of muscles so that they are as tightly contracted as possible, holding them in a state of tension for a few seconds, and then relaxing the muscle.

Please note there are cautions in using this relaxation; for example if there is

Muscle tension/pain
Muscle spasms
Heart problems
Blood pressure problems

this relaxation may not be appropriate as deliberate muscle tensing could exacerbate any of these pre-existing conditions. Generally, if you have a health condition you should seek medical advice from your Doctor/therapist before using this material

It is also advisable that people who are prone to flashbacks, trauma or schizophrenia do not practice relaxation techniques unless advised that they can by their qualified mental health practitioner.

Also please read the following:

Do not drive or operate machinery immediately following relaxation
Do not practice relaxation whilst driving or doing any other activity that requires your concentration.
Do not practice relaxation on a full stomach.
Do not cross your arms and legs.

Never practice relaxation to treat or cure undiagnosed symptoms; always see your Doctor for an accurate diagnosis.
If you have any uncomfortable symptoms during this relaxation, discuss these with your Doctor.
Do not stand up immediately after practicing relaxation. Stay seated or lying down for a few minutes with your eyes open then get up.

This relaxation material and accompanying Guidance Notes have been developed and compiled by The Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. We cannot guarantee the success of this relaxation method, nor accept responsibility for information contained in these notes and any negative consequences in using or interpreting this type of relaxation method. This material is by no means a substitute for appropriate advice from relevant healthcare professionals.


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