Psoriasis Diet – For 2020

Psoriasis Diet – For 2020

I made this video to document my journey with psoriasis. I was first diagnosed with psoriasis back in 2017, and after trying many different forms of medications including creams, pills, and steroid injections, and all of them not working, I went on to healing my psoriasis naturally through diet and stress management. And during summer of 2018, I was COMPLETELY HEALED. And about 2 months ago from the date I post this video, my psoriasis came back. And I know why it came back due to me taking on more stress and also falling of my good and healthy eating habits. But, I am taking this opportunity to document and share with you how I heal my psoriasis naturally. So, if you are interested in seeing how over time I heal my psoriasis, hit the subscribe button and notification bell. I upload psoriasis videos every Saturday at 10AM CST time.

I will catch you guys on the next one- stay strong my psoriasis warriors 💪

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 Almond Oil:
 Black African Soap:
 Cetaphil Face and Body Sensitive Skin Lotion:
 Fish Oil (omega 3):
 Vitamin B12:
 Vegan Protein Powder (dairy, gluten, and soy free!)
 CBD Hemp oil:
 Chaga Mushroom Supplement (immune health support):
 Digestive Enzyme (helps with food digestion):

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