Rife Frequency Natural Remedies For Bad Breath

Rife Frequency Natural Remedies For Bad Breath

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Rife Frequency Natural Remedies For Bad Breath – Halitosis

Bad breath, medicinally called halitosis, can result from poor dental wellbeing propensities and might be an indication of other medical issues. Terrible breath can likewise be exacerbated by the sorts of nourishments you eat and other undesirable way of life propensities.

Rife Frequency is discovered by Royal Light Stream™, he found that frequencies can switch serious healing conditions. Using Rife Frequency he re-established well being to numerous individuals. A portion of the frequencies he found for are inside this video recording.

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About David Sereda:
* Renegade physicist and inventor who founded Light Stream Technologies
* 7 years of Nuclear Fusion Energy technology and development, US Congress correspondent.
* 5 years partner with Boyd Bushman, Lockheed and NASA scientists on research of space propulsion technology.
* Director of Los Angeles Tesla Foundation – Expert in Tesla technology and science for a cleaner, sustainable environment.
* Personally hand-planted 1.3 million trees in Canada over 22 years.
* 40+ years of daily meditation practice
* Studied with Dalai Lama in India

David Sereda a.k.a. “The Next Nikola Tesla”, is one of the most innovative spiritual technology inventors and thought-leaders of our time.

David is one of the extremely rare keynote speakers that has extraordinary spiritual enlightenment as well as the advanced scientific and technological know-how.

He is a renowned author, spiritual genius, and free-thinking space and quantum scientist, who has worked with world class physicists, (spoke in Congress on nuclear fusion in 1993), who reaches millions of people on radio and TV shows. He was also an ecologist (having personally planted 1.3 million trees in over 22 years.

He is a film producer/director of several documentaries including “Dan Aykroyd, Unplugged on UFOs”. He has appeared on Fox, TLC, History Channel, ABC, CNN Anderson Cooper, Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory and dozens of other radio shows world-wide.

In the 90’s, Sereda conducted a deep scientific investigation into the NASA community into 1990s space shuttle mission video footage of UFO Phenomena. The results of that investigation led to ground-breaking disclosure in the book and documentary film, “Evidence, The Case For NASA UFOs.”

With over 35 years of daily meditation practice, his goals are consciousness development and has created the world’s only quantum harmonic system for DNA upgrade and light body activation. You can learn more here:

To learn more about his latest spiritual technology for healing and raising your spiritual resonance, visit


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