The Beautiful Self Diaries: Chapter Marilyn shares her Arimidex story

The Beautiful Self Diaries: Chapter Marilyn shares her Arimidex story

In this chapter, Marilyn talks about how her life after cancer has changed. She now experiences changes in her body that she has never seen before due to her medication, Arimidex, which creates sensitivity in her bones and makes her consistently tired. Despite her newfound difficulties after cancer with her weight, bones and mental health, she shares how her status of a survivor has changed her life for the better. Instead of wanting to just survive after battling cancer, she wants to share her cancer narrative and continue to live her best life.


Beautiful Self Inc is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in New Jersey that empowers women of breast cancer to rediscover themselves after breast cancer treatment. The main purpose of our organization is to transform women who suffered the social, physical, psychological and sexual effects during and after breast cancer treatment. As a result of the various treatments and surgeries, women become vulnerable struggling with their own self image due to the treatment wreaking havoc on their feminine psyche.

Through an emotional transformation documented within our photo therapy program, Beautiful Self provides breast cancer survivors with a stronger sense of self worth and beauty. We believe it is essential to how she contributes to the community around her. By peeling the layers back of her insecurities caused by breast cancer our organization aims to promote self love, acceptance and confidence; turning survivors into thrivers. We rely on the support of donors to continue our mission.

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