The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Cure with an Innovative and Safe Home Treatment (1)

The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Cure with an Innovative and Safe Home Treatment (1)

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The Innovative Self-management of Sacroiliac joint dysfunction with a Combinational Diagnostic and Therapeutic Treatment Method

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Sacroiliac joint Dysfunction’s common signs and symptoms: Off & on 1 sided low back leg, and buttock pain that can persist for decades. Can’t sit for an extended period of time because of buttock pain.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is often missed by doctors and regarded lightly by patients because the symptoms are mild and subtle. In advanced cases when it is diagnosed it has to be treated with invasive therapies like Prolotherapy or cortisone injection. These invasive therapies are expensive and may have unforeseeable side effects. The author of this book, Dr. George Ho uses the sacroiliac pathological signs (1 / an ipsilateral short leg and 2 / the external rotation of the involved foot) to diagnose and to monitor the treatment progress. He also combines the diagnosis and treatment in a very simple, safe, and innovative non-drug, non-surgical method to treat and manage this problem reliably and easily. The book includes a detailed description of the anatomy, and an immediately effective and observable method that combines the diagnosis with the treatment. This booklet concludes with a set of problem specific rehabilitative exercises and nutritional guidelines for the consolidation of the recovered joint and muscles. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction can recur easily, and the readily available home treatment described in the book can help treat the problem extremely cost-effectively at the early stage, saving a lot of time and suffering.
This booklet complements two of my YouTube videos:
The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Cure with an Innovative and Safe Home Treatment (1)
(2)The Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction Cure with an Innovative and Safe Home Treatment
The complete longevity and health way to sit, stand and sleep by Huai-jin Nan and Dr. George Ho at 11.12 and 20.21 of the video
Hopefully, the treatment method can help practitioners and instructors of Dong gong like tai chi and Jing gong practitioners like meditation. When they have back pain, they know what to do. Contrary to what many instructors of Dong gong and Jing gong many kinds of back problems cannot be cured by those practices. I am speaking from my 30 years of experiences as a chiropractor and 40 years of experiences of practicing tai chi and meditation. I have published over 10 books about tai chi and meditation and they are listed at the end of this book under the heading of
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1/The reason why SI Joint dysfunction is often missed by doctors is its subtlety in presentation.
2/The reason why SI joint dysfunction causes other spinal problems is subtle but explainable. These joints are heavy duty bony parts and have some movements.
3/A spinal disc herniation is a medical condition affecting the spine
4/Since the SI joints are very sturdy there are usually 3 causes of their dysfunction.
4a/One of them is pregnancy, when the hormone secretion loosens the ligament laxity so that the pelvis can expand to give birth loosens the ligaments that bind the SI joints tightly together.
4b/ From a complication of a sprained ankle
4c/ The other common cause of SI joint dysfunction is when falling down the buttock lands on the side that is subsequently injured.
5/Subsequently the right leg appears shorter. This kind of short leg is called functional short leg, and this is an objective sign to monitor treatment effectiveness in the correction of this SI problem.
6/Another sign of SI joint dysfunction is a discrepancy of the angle of lateral rotation of the feet.
7/Orthopedic tests to diagnose SI joint Dysfunction
8/Sacroiliac joint
9/The medical doctor in the above YouTube clip has the opinion that injection (steroid) is the treatment of choice of SI Joint Dysfunction. True?
10/Pro-lo therapy will tighten loose body parts.
11/A simple tri-functional treatment is demonstrated with a percussion vibrator positioned at the PSIS (Posterior superior iliac spine, part of the human hip bone
12/Then the low back is stabilized at the PSIS level (1 inch above the horizontal rod with a screw at each end) with a belt after a treatment to let the corrected joint to hold together (the black belt underneath the pelvis).
13/The following two major categories of rehabilitation exercise are very simple, but have been clinically proven to be very effective:
Elastic materials are used to strengthen the extension and flexion muscles of the sacroiliac joint.
14/ Nutritional guidelines:

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