Third Trimester of Pregnancy Week by Week

Third Trimester of Pregnancy Week by Week

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The third trimester includes the seventh, eighth and ninth month of pregnancy, or weeks 27 through birth.

Although a full-term pregnancy is 40 weeks long, babys born between 38 and 42 weeks are considered term.

Births before 38 weeks are called preterm and births after 42 weeks are referred to as overdue.

Mom may feel like she’s carrying a bowling ball in her tummy in third trimester.

Inside, Baby still has a bit of growing to do and Mom’s belly will indeed grow bigger.

This can cause some achiness and difficulty sleeping at night, but rest assured, the journey is almost over and soon your little one will be in your arms.

Until then, continue to take good care of yourself and get plenty of rest.

Just as with the earlier months of pregnancy, your diet should consistently include a variety of healthy foods, which is especially imperative for the last three months.

Baby’s brain, bones, organs, lungs and eyes are completing their development during these months, which means he has some added nutritional needs.

Important things to eat include protein-rich foods, as well as eggs, salmon, nuts fresh fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Protein-rich foods contain zinc and iron, which help prevent preterm delivery and low birth-weight.

Beef, turkey, green vegetables, beans and chicken contain robust amounts of protein.

Boiled and scrambled eggs are substantial aids in cell functions, memory development and overall growth.

Omega-3, which supports brain and nervous system development, can be found in some seafood, such as salmon.

Nuts are convenient snacking options that contain protein, fiber and fats.

An assortment of fresh fruits is healthy, except for papaya and pineapple, which Mom should avoid while pregnant.

Rich in a variety of nutrients, fresh vegetables should be included with almost every meal.

Mom’s robust diet facilitates Baby’s impressive rate of growth; he will start the trimester off at just 2.5 pounds and enter the world at a whopping six to eight pounds just a few weeks later.

This includes an increase in length from about 16 inches to 19 to 22 inches by his birth day.

The roomy environment in which he was able to move and do somersaults last trimester decreases quite a bit this trimester, which considerably impacts the severity of his kicks and stretches; hang in there, Mom.

While baby grows and prepares for delivery this trimester, Mom’s body also adjusts to support her growing uterus.

This often creates feelings of general achiness, especially in joints, as well as overall fatigue.

Other common third trimester pregnancy symptoms include breathlessness, Braxton-Hicks contractions, itchy skin and insomnia.

Fatigue and heartburn return from the first trimester, while stretch marks and varicose veins may begin to appear.

Many women also report vivid dreams, especially near their due dates.

As the pregnancy journey draws to a close, Mom may experience leakiness of her breasts, while her body prepares to nourish her baby after birth.

Sometime around week 34, Baby begins preparing for his journey through the birth canal and into the world.

This means he will settle into an upside-down position with his head and torso nestled right above the birth canal.

Some babies may need a little bit of help from your healthcare provider to find that position, which will be addressed around week 37.

Ultrasounds are only recommended by some doctors for some patients this trimester; if one is performed, be on the lookout for Baby’s facial expressions and limb movements.

Some parents have even been able to capture their baby sucking his thumb inside the womb!

The third trimester is full of changes for both Mom and Baby as they prepare for the big day.

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