Two Week Wait Symptoms Before BFP- Video diary!

Two Week Wait Symptoms Before BFP- Video diary!

Hey loves,

I recorded these videos daily to track my feelings and symptoms from 1 day past 6 day transfer (1DP6DT) until beta. I recorded these videos without the intention of sharing them, but I decided to share since so many people have been asking me what symptoms I had before my big fat positive (bfp.) I know many of you also asked me if I tested before beta and I did! I included the emotional response to seeing a positive pregnancy test, as well as when I shared the news with Tim. Here are my symptoms everyday:

1DPT – Bloated, tired, acupuncture
2DPT- Mild cramps on left side, fatigue, and bloated
3DPT- Vivid dream, bloated, mild cramps, increased appetite, tired, acupuncture
4DPT- Bloated, backache, doubting that transfer was successful, dull cramps, PM wave of nausea
5DPT- Vivid dreams, backache, felt positive that it worked, dull cramps, extreme fatigue
6DPT- Test for the first time with a hpt, bloated, dull cramps, fatigue, night sickness
7DPT-dull cramps, bloated
8DPT-bloated, dull cramps, exhausted
9DPT-bloated, cramps
10DPT- mild cramps, bloated, exhausted

I hope this video helps others in their 2ww (two week wait!)

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