Vaginal dilator | Vaginismus treatment online India | Shycart

Vaginal dilator | Vaginismus treatment online India | Shycart

Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped devices and tools of graduated widths used to develop or restore the vaginal opening. This medical grade vaginal dilator kit is the perfect method for treating vaginismus and other similar conditions and this dilator kit has 6 multi-sized graduated dilators, a universal handle, lubricant and care instructions all within a soft unbleached cotton pouch. The vaginal dilator set comes with six different sizes of small, medium and large vaginal dilator touchable yet easy-to-clean medical-grade plastic (and made in the USA). It has an ergonomically shaped solid handle with a lock. Women find that dilators (used with sexual lubricants) also keep their vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable. Typically dilators provided as a set, along with instructions for exercises, gradually, gently, and comfortably stretch the vaginal opening and the vaginal depth to comfortably accept sexual penetration. There are several conditions and reasons that call for the use of vaginal dilators: vaginal atrophy, post-radiation adhesions, and vaginismus. But one may also use dilators simply to maintain their vaginal tissues. Older vaginas remain very strong and comfortable only with use, and dilators are a great tool for keeping the vaginal tissues elastic and comfortable.
What is Dilators Set?
Vaginal dilators are tube-shaped devices and tools of graduated widths used to develop or restore the vaginal opening. Vaginal dilators may also be described as firm, rounded cylinders, usually made out of silicone or plastic. Dilators are used to keep the vaginal tissues pliable and healthy and to help return the vaginal opening and canal to a size that is functional for the patient’s sexual activity preferences. They come in different sizes and range from the width of a pinky finger to the width of a cucumber. The closest description to describe dilators is “phallic”. Dilators gently stretch the vagina and relax the surrounding muscles in order to increase the length and girth of the vagina. They help one to gain control over their pelvic floor muscles, including mobility and flexibility.

Women who suffer from several categories of medical conditions, benefit profoundly from the use of medical vaginal dilators. Let us go through a few categories of people who benefit to a great extent by using our vaginal dilators kit.

The first group involves women with conditions that have resulted in anatomical changes within the pelvis. This includes genetic conditions, a surgery, response to medical treatments (Graft-versus-host disease -GvHD) and cancer patients with sexuality issues after radiation, cancer treatments and surgically induced menopause.

The second group includes women with medical conditions that may cause painful or restricted vaginal penetration or intercourse. This category includes the following medical conditions but is not limited to, Vulvodynia, Vestibulodynia, Vulvovaginal atrophy, Vaginal Stenosis, Lichens Sclerosis, Painful Bladder Syndrome, Interstitial Cystitis, perineal tears, episiotomy and pelvic pain after childbirth.

The third group includes women with chronic pelvic pain who have either pelvic girdle (the SI joint, coccyx, pubic region) or bladder and bowel symptoms. Often, in this case, the dilator is used as a way to stretch the pelvic floor muscles.

A fourth group includes women who have not been able to have a pelvic gynecological exam, wear a tampon during their menstrual cycle, or be sexually active with vaginal penetration despite multiple attempts. This condition is known as vaginismus. Often women with vaginismus are to learn to control their muscle responses, focus on insertion techniques and understand the neuroscience of pain, fear and anxiety.

Knowing which dilator to use and following clear directions supports women in their process of recovery. With the support of physical therapy women most often move from being embarrassed, confused and discouraged to confident, inspired and empowered.

To use the vaginal dilators, a person starts with a small dilator that can fit inside the vagina without any difficulty. The user then carefully inserts the dilators of gradually increasing size into the vagina, one at a time, thereby slowly increasing vaginal capacity. The purpose is to literally “dilate” (widen and lengthen) the vagina and creating more space inside. Dilation makes sexual penetration not only easier and more pleasurable but also aids in restoring the vagina to a more comfortable shape and length. Dilators are most often used to treat conditions like vaginal stenosis (constriction or tightening of the vagina that can occur after pelvic radiation) and vaginismus (involuntary tightening of the muscle that surrounds the opening to the vagina–the bulbocavernosus muscle) successfully.

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