Victoria Derbyshire, 51, opens up about her two bouts of depression – News Live

Victoria Derbyshire, 51, opens up about her two bouts of depression  – News Live

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Videos can use content-based copyright law contains reasonable use Fair Use ( Victoria Derbyshire has revealed she has suffered through two bouts of depression that left her ‘absolutely knackered’, ‘slightly anxious’ and doubting her competency. Speaking to more than 500 business leaders at Women Mean Business Live in London, the broadcaster, 51, told The Telegraph’s Bryony Gordon she felt insecure about her job at her lowest ebb earlier this year.The mother-of-two first went through treatment for depression a decade ago when she had her own show on BBC Radio 5 live, and admits the menopause triggered a second spell just months ago. ‘I was getting to a point where I was overwhelmed and waking up at 2am then not sleeping between 2am and 4.30am when I usually get up,’ she said of her illness earlier this year. Share this article Share ‘I was absolutely knackered and getting slightly anxious. I thought “I’m not good at my job anymore”.’Victoria, who was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, took a week of work where she slept ‘for hours and hours’ before returning feeling refreshed.  She spoke about the moment she wept in front of her doctor after they ‘were nice and kind’ to her, prescribing anti-depressants and recommending two weeks off work. ‘I went to the doctors and said I wasn’t sleeping, and after I’d given the long list of symptoms I said “but I don’t think I’m depressed”. The doctor said “I think you are”.’ After recovering from the illness she has since stopped taking anti-depressants. Victoria went through a mastectomy and chemotherapy after being diagnosed with stage 2 lobular breast cancer four years ago, before being given the all clear in 2016.In a candid interview with The Times’ Magazine, Victoria told how Tamoxifen, which she is prescribed to take until 2026, has ‘grim’ side-effects.She explained: ‘It’s designed to help prevent the cancer coming back.’The side-effects are reasonably grim: debilitating joint pain. At times, I’ve felt like an 80-year-old woman with arthritis.  ‘Turns out that trying to get out of bed in the morning when my hips, neck and shoulders have completely seized up is tricky and painful.’I resented tamoxifen for months and considered coming off it until Mark had a word.'”Sorry about the pain it’s causing you, but me and the kids really need you to stick around, so you’re going to have carry on with it.” ‘Then I felt guilty, because being in a position to take tamoxifen meant I was alive.’The BBC star says her first thought after her diagnosis was to marry her boyfriend of 16 years Mark Sandell.In Autumn 2018, Victoria tied the knot at an intimate ceremony in front of family and friends.She previously spoke about how her sons Oliver, 14, and Joe, 12, held her hand as she walked down the aisle as a 15-strong choir sang The Beatles’ All You Need