What Does Arthritis Feel Like

What Does Arthritis Feel Like

Arthritis feels like joint pain and discomfort throughout different parts of the body. The severity of the pain determines what type of arthritis you have. Learn more about arthritis pain in this video.

So patients with arthritis will feel it in the joints and common joints would be the knee, the hip, the ankle, the toes, the wrists, the elbow, and the shoulders. Some people also experience arthritis symptoms in the back and the neck. The quality of the symptoms and the way the patient describes it can sometimes help the doctor to better determine what type of arthritis it is. So it’s very important for patients to really think about how they describe their pain and make sure they are able to describe it well to their physician. Minor pain is a pain that occurs intermittently and doesn’t affect function. For example, a minor pain might be an ache in your knee while you’re walking and shopping, but it doesn’t stop you from shopping or doing your activities. A severe pain is something that makes you think twice about doing something or makes you avoid activities that you either want to or need to do. The quality of the pain, for example, if it’s a throbbing or swelling might lead to one type of diagnosis, like in inflammatory arthritis. But a dull aching pain might be something more of a structural arthritis. It’s very variable how people perceive pain, so it’s really important that a doctor evaluates it.


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